Lean management in the Tech industry: what to expect?

Should you need to improve the results of one of your IT activities by 25% in a few months, you should consider the Lean IT approach. Whether it is, for example, to reduce the cost of user support/run, accelerate the time-to-market of your products or improve the satisfaction of your users, Lean IT provides a proven and concrete approach to achieve this.

Lean Management allows the Tech industry to obtain concrete and significant benefits, similar to the outstanding results obtained in manufacturing and the service industries. How can you benefit from these results in your own organization? How can you make your management evolve?

This white paper addresses these issues and many others, starting with an overview of the origins of Lean Management, its diffusion beyond manufacturing activities, and the 3 ideals at the heart of Lean. Then 7 different use cases in IT/Technology will be presented, from the improvement of current processes to the design of new products. We will thus see what tangible benefits are obtained by Tech organizations that apply Lean IT, both for their customers, their employees and the company itself.

Meet the authors of the Lean IT white paper

Marie-Pia Ignace is a pioneer of Lean management applied to the service industry and to IT. She is the CEO of Operae Partners and President of the French Lean Institute which she co-created. She’s been coaching leaders and their teams for the past 12 years in their continuous improvement journey. Co-author of the first French book dedicated to Lean in IT, she also initiated in 2011 what became an annual conference: the Lean Digital Summit.

After 15 years with IBM Global Business Services as a Tech Lead, IT Consultant then Manager, Marc Legru joined Operae Partners in 2012 as a lean Coach and became a Partner. He coaches CEOs, CTOs and managers from the Tech industry who use Lean and Agile to ensure a sustainable growth for their business, be it in startups or well established companies. He created the “introduction to Lean” online course which he has run with UNOW since 2015. Blog author and editor of online Leanmaven.com, Marc also runs webinars such as the « Lean IT Paris » Meetup he created.

Our Lean IT white paper gathers the findings of over 10 years of Lean pratice in the tech industry and IT departments. If you wish to receive a pdf copy, please fill in the below form:

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