Who we are

We are the leaders of Lean management in the services and IT industries

Operae Partners was created in 2007 by Marie-Pia Ignace and Michael Ballé to develop and deploy Lean in these two sectors. Marie-Pia and Michael are two of the major players responsible for bringing correct Lean management practices to France. Together, they co-founded Institut Lean France, a member of the Lean Global Network.

A strong Lean & Agile expertise to support digital transformation

Lean and Agility are the keys to the successful transformation of large organizations. With the acquisition of Efidev, an agility specialist, Operae Partners is now an expert Lean & Agile hub.

Operae Partners offers teams in IT departments, front and back offices, Lean and Agile coaching services as well as lean and agile trainings.

What makes us different? Our approach has two main objectives:

  • Understand what the client wants, in order to define value for the product or service provided.
  • Involve employees in redesigning and improving their work environment.

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