Don’t be afraid of Lean

The usual initial reaction to the word lean is a defensive one. Lean is most of the time associated in people’s mind with redundancy plans, more stress, extra work hours and Taylorism. These accusations occur when Lean tends to be wrongly applied. Are the following lean principles really unhearable within a company? Are these principles … Continue reading Don’t be afraid of Lean

Obeya tells the story of it all

Have you ever asked yourself “why am I wasting my time in this meeting” while painfully realizing it is only the first one of the day? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back added value and true decision making in meetings while freeing time to work on the advancement of projects or businesses?

People come first

What is Lean for you? Many answers pour in: cost reduction (wrong answer!), customer satisfaction (not false), operational efficiency (certainly) … What we believe at Operae Partners is that Lean aims to improve employee’s skills. As a result, deadlines and quality will be improved, customer satisfaction achieved, and costs reduced. In Lean, people come first.

Reducing IT incidents, a priority for major European banks

Translation of a post published on our French-speaking blog in September 2018. More transparency on IT incidents Since August 15, 2018, British banks have been required to indicate on their websites the number of IT incidents that have caused interruptions to payment services. According to Les Echos article of August 17, 2018, the five largest … Continue reading Reducing IT incidents, a priority for major European banks

What does Lean management bring to the digital world?

In this Lean Digital Summit presentation, Marie-Pia Ignace explains the 3 aspects of Lean management: a vision the managers must support and hand on to their teams ; operational efficiency ; kaizen: the opportunity for each and every person to innovate and therefore contribute to the improvement of the whole organization.

Lean IT: where to start?

You want to do Lean in your IT department but don’t know how to start? Start where you are, right now! Go and see the value with real people and real demand. But first, listen to Marie-Pia Ignace advice in this Lean Digital Summit conference:

Scrum and The Toyota Production System, Build Ultra-Powerful Teams

In this article by Pierre Jannez, published on InfoQ you’ll get a good understanding of why Scrum and the TPS are a great combo for IT teams: Scrum, the Toyota Way and Toyota Production System (TPS) have common foundations regarding values and intents Agile and TPS can be used together to deliver better results Visualization … Continue reading Scrum and The Toyota Production System, Build Ultra-Powerful Teams


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