What is TWI: Training Within Industry

Originally, Training Within Industry was one of the methodological innovations that enabled the Americans to win the Second World War. Forced to find a way to quickly train non-specialists, especially inexperienced women, and young workers, to produce ammunition and equipment by the millions in weapons factories to support the war effort.

The method, tested from 1940, was deployed until the end of the war, then taken over and deployed on a large scale by the Japanese as early as the 1950s, especially at Toyota. It is one of the origins of Lean.

The TWI consists of three steps:

1- Job Instructions: How to learn how to produce safely, quickly, correctly, and conscientiously.

2- Job Methods: How to reduce waste and solve problems in the workplace

3- Job relations: How to manage relationships with teams, managers, and unions.

Original post in French written by Christian Ignace, translated by Aya Hizem

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