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Operae Partners is a team of Lean and agile consultants, trainees and coaches. This blog is aimed at sharing our lean and agile coaching experiences and expertise.

Articles récents

Don’t be afraid of Lean

The usual initial reaction to the word lean is a defensive one. Lean is most of the time associated in people’s mind with redundancy plans, more stress, extra work hours and Taylorism. These accusations occur when Lean tends to be wrongly applied. Are the following lean principles really unhearable within a company? Are these principles…

Obeya tells the story of it all

Have you ever asked yourself “why am I wasting my time in this meeting” while painfully realizing it is only the first one of the day? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring back added value and true decision making in meetings while freeing time to work on the advancement of projects or businesses?

The real importance of material and how it flows

Material concern is not only inherent to the manufacturing industry. Of course, it is much easier to understand it as it is tangible. This does not mean it is not complex. Take a bicycle, a computer or any manufactured good, you can easily visualise some of their components, but you most probably don’t have a…

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